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Best song ever

2007-07-24 15:17:41 by stefan1994

Hi i just heard the best song ever and would like to share it with you The link . If anyone would like to make a flash about it with me just pm me or even if enough people join a collab! my batting average is over 3 so why not. thanks!


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2007-07-24 15:22:42

you really think that's the best song you've ever heard?


2007-07-24 15:38:09

That sounded like my cat regurgatating a steaming pile of shit with some added microsoft sam voices.


2007-07-24 15:54:44

Personally, I consider that a horrible song.


2007-07-24 16:03:57

certainly not as good as the original, but it's got some flair.

love how the video says "co-written by daft punk" instead of "yet another rapper sampled this"


2007-07-24 18:19:03

Did he just tell me to roll another blunt?


2009-02-21 23:16:43

hahaha, essex has the word sex in it.